Saturday , 10 December 2016
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3 types of swinging

3 types of swinging

  • Soft Swinging is a variety of swinging that encompasses everything except actually having intercourse with other partners. Many swinger couples choose to save the act of intercourse for their own partners but will play with others, some people just enjoy watching others having sex – this is often a good way of starting off as it can allow a couple to have fun without the risk of jealously and see how they cope.
  • Closed Swinging is where sexual interaction among couples is carried out in separate rooms so that the partners do not visually observe each other’s swinging but the rooms are almost ways in the same house. Many people feel this allows more freedom to explore with fewer interruptions of their enjoyment. This is considered true ‘Wife Swapping’
  • Open Swinging allows sexual interaction among couples all in the same room, so that partners do observe each other’s swinging. Often also referred to as orgies as everyone there can be open to intimate involvement from any of the parties, male or female.


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