Saturday , 10 December 2016
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Swinging  “levels” of sexual activity ?

Swinging “levels” of sexual activity ?

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  • Absolutely! Whatever you comfort level is – that is where you should be.

  • If you are looking for a threesome with another woman, great.

  • If you want to get together with another couple but are only comfortable with going as far as oral sex – often referred to as “soft swap” – then just be up front with the couples you are talking with that that is your comfort level.

  • If you are fine with full swap, but only want to do it on the same bed as your partner, then that works!

  • If you are OK with full swap in separate rooms, then full speed ahead!

  • You may start at one level and move on to try something else – or you may start at one place and decide that that is what works for you long term. And that is the perfect place for you to be.



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