Saturday , 10 December 2016
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The First Swingers club in Canada which will soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary, L’Orage Club and its staff have been welcoming couples and single women on Saturdays and single men as well on other nights in a warm and sensual atmosphere.

Montreal’s L’Orage Club is without a doubt unique in Canada. Its bar-lounge with liquor license, its open space playground and second-floor intimate lounge playground make L’Orage Club a unique place for eroticism, sensuality, voyeurism and exhibitionist lovers.

Its European concept has allowed L’Orage Club to be, since 1996, the place to go to meet the True Libertines in Montreal.





Very attractive, professional couple – 30 and 45 in Ottawa this weekend and looking to have dinner, drinks, possibly other;-) with another attractive 30-45 couple on night of Saturday March 12. Perhaps some locals can show us the ropes, so to speak (but that’s getting ahead of ourselves). Sorry if we broke any rules with this listing, but didn’t know how else to reach out. Warmly, S&G


Second and third parking area. Both lots are connected by walking trails. This place never disappoints.Go to the park just over the bridge in Hull, after the parking lots had officially closed, parked on a side street and head into the park. it may take a second to adjust to the darkness but it’s worth it.

ps don t scare the few couple (m/f) with your flashlight or by fallowing them too close.


Ottawa’s finest swinger experience. A fun place for adventurous couples and select singles. THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY ESTABLISHMENT.

We are Ottawa’s hottest adult lifestyle club. We are a licensed on premise facility, available to make all of your fantasies come true.


Le Cinéma L’Amour est un des établissements cultes du boulevard Saint-Laurent. Son histoire est pratiquement aussi riche que celle du boulevard lui-même. Ouvert depuis 1914, l’intérieur de l’établissement a très peu changé à travers le temps, laissant au bâtiment son cachet d’origine.

La riche histoire du bâtiment a commencé en 1914 avec le Globe, qui était une maison de théâtre et une salle de cinéma. En 1932, l’établissement devient le Hollywood, qui conserve la même vocation. C’est en 1969, alors qu’il devient le Pussycat, que l’établissement adopte la vocation de cinéma à caractère sexuel qu’on lui connaît aujourd’hui. Il a finalement changé de nom en 1981 pour le Cinéma L’Amour et est maintenant connu comme la destination par excellence pour voir des films en couple ou en célibataire, selon une grande variété de thématiques à chaque soir de la semaine.

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