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Ottawa Gatineau Swingers Frequently Asked Questions

There are MANY misconceptions when it comes to the swinger lifestyle and swinger clubs and parties.

Here is the truth!  Yes some experienced groups that already really know each other get together for just sex but there is NO reason to be freaked out by attending a swingers club or most parties.

The truth is that a good swingers club or swingers party is NOT what you would expect.

People will NOT just randomly jump your bones lol, or go from partner to partner etc…

What will you find?  Think a sexy bar setting from heaven that allows consensual play.

What do I mean?  Well first of all the people that go to these places (couples and singles) are a hundred times more relaxed, mature and chill then ANY regular bar I have ever attended.
Friendly and easygoing is the best way to describe this crowd.

There is no jealousy, no drama, no tough guys staring you down.

Just remember that no means no and if you are EVER in doubt just ask first!
Don’t just grope someone in a dark corner randomly without asking or getting to know them first.

The woman are dressed WAY more sexy than anything you have seen, as are generally the men.  Lots of dancing, socializing and yes if you can actually talk and get to know people, lots of great NSA sex!

Biggest mistake single guys make?

Thinking this is a “normal” bar scene where you sit in a corner hoping lol
In this bar the couples and singles are there because they WANT TO PLAY!
If a man brings his wife there in 4 inch heels and a dress the size of a postage stamp he likely wants to enjoy watching her play!  SO don’t be shy, say hello or hit the dance floor.  Talk about what you like, you will find someone that likes it too!

Dress sexy casual, smell nice, wear a smile, be willing to dance and trust me your gonna get action!

NOTE:  The above is my personal opinion based on experience.  It is YOUR responsibility to attend to your safety.  Always use protection when having sex.  Do NOT get into a situation were you are intoxicated or impaired in ANY way that puts you at risk.  Like any other social setting use common sense!

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