Saturday , 10 December 2016
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Pick up line?

Pick up line?

Here some pick up line ….do you have one to share with us? ( post comment)

Do you know a good one?? post it!


Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

Should I introduce myself or should we just skip straight to sex?

You must be fit. Her: Why? You: Well, you’ve been running through my head all night!

Do you sleep on your belly? Her: Huh?! No. You: Do you mind if I do?

You must be a parking ticket, because you’ve got fine written all over you!

What does it feel like to be talking to the hottest guy in here?

Hi, I’m John. (Shake her hand). Wow, I’ve never touched an angel before!

We’re your parents award-winning bakers? Her: Eh…no. You: Well they made some nice buns for you!

Are you explosive? Her: No. You: That’s weird because you look like the bomb!

Are you the same as other girls? Her: No. You: Great, I’m tired of girls throwing drinks on me!

You look just about drunk enough to like someone like me.

(Pull out your phone and pretend to make a phone call in front of her) Hello, God, I found that angel you were looking for.

All I want for Christmas, is to be your hair. Her: What?! You: Well I just want to be on your mind.

I promised my mom, that I would get out of the basement and find a girl to marry, what do you think, baby?

Would you like a drink or would you just prefer the money?

Wow, you just blew me away! Did you just let a ripper or something?

Hi, I’m a recreational gynecologist.

Do you eat food? Her: yeah…. You: Me too, we have so much in common!

Hi, I’m guessing you must be God, because you just brought me to life.

Who wants to get pregnant?

You know in the Middle East, they would go crazy for those ankles.

Hi, I’m a great listener……….

You have a choice, I can keep looking at you or you can talk to me.

Do you wanna flirt? Her: No. You: Okay, let’s just skip straight to sex then.

I think I might need a doctor. Her: Why. You: I just fell for you.

You know, I’ve just been eating skittles. Want to taste the rainbow?

Under or over 18?

Ever been with a guy from Mongolia? Her: No. You: Me neither, anyway, I’m Joe

Are you a doctor? Coz I need someone to restart the heart you just stopped.

Do angels always fly this low.

Do you believe in love at first site….or should I walk past again!?

Talk now or talk later?

Dam it’s hot in here. Maybe I should leave. Then things will cool down.

I pretty sure that your parents were thieves. Because they stole two stars and put them in your eyes.

I’m confused, I’ve been here all night and you still haven’t said hi, I’m like the hottest guy in here, what gives?

I usually sleep with a teddy bear, but you can replace him.

I’m cold, if I said you’ve got a hot body, would you hold it against me?

I think I better get a fire extinguisher because you are smoking!

I’m Jim, now you only have 2 wishes left.

You’re lucky I’m strong because you are ten tons of hotness.

You must be a ninja because you kick ass

The cops could use you as a stun gun.

You’re going to love my parents!

I heard you’d be out tonight so I wore my best suit.

Should I buy you a drink or should we just go to my place?

You are hot! But can you cook breakfast?

Do I look hot or should you get a little drunker?

You remind of a nail. I’m here to hammer you.

(After getting rejected by her) Your twin sister is really mean, she just told me to get lost.

Let’s play a game, you say your number and I’ll write it down.

My mom says that I’m afraid of getting intimate….Wanna prove her wrong?

Me and you are going to be like a light switch, we’re going to click

Are you the girl of my dreams?

How would you like to be my sixth wife?

Dam you must be a chili pepper, coz you are hot.

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