Saturday , 10 December 2016
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Suggested Donations At Parties

So if you are new to this you may be asking yourself what is the deal with these suggested donations?

Suggested Donations As Follows for the featured private parties on main page of site:
– Females FREE (No donations)
– Couples with reservation $40 ($45 without reservation)
– Males attending alone Saturday $60 and Friday $50
– Males attending with couple $45 but MUST remain with that couple

Well here is the deal.  Even though the setting seems commercial due to size and amenities its a private residence

These suggested donations have NOTHING to do with making profits.

First off I do not own any swingers clubs or swingers residences.
I just enjoy being in the lifestyle.
I write about what I like and understand how they work.The residence recommended on the main page is a hidden gem so I recommend it.

About Donation Amounts

Think its expensive?  In Montreal and Toronto this would run you $100+ and they sell you drinks on top of that.  Hec they will even charge you for every towel you use.  The place I am recommending is bring your own alcohol.

but just so you understand this is more a labor of love than anything
Imagine if you decided to start having private parties.
Now imagine to have the parties you wanted, you needed 5,000 + square feet

Then imagine putting out a $100,000 personal investment to get the place ready.
And your reward?  Constantly being harassed by the municipality you live in, lawyer fees etc ..

Now imagine providing a DJ, having 5,000 square feet cleaned and disinfected including rooms, beds, laundry.  Then throw in heating and cooling, showers, hot tub and putting out snacks for a huge group and never ending maintenance.  Then imagine spending your days answering questions about the lifestyle, fielding calls etc..  Even better have a 20 minute discussion with someone that hangs up when you tell them the suggested donation.

Here is how I figured it when I got into this.
I go to a regular bar I pay at the door, pay for parking, pay about $10 a drink with tip.
In no time I am way over the suggested donation of this place.  And for what?
Some idiot will pick a fight with me?  Some woman will maybe let me dance with her?
Or I could got to a stripper bar lol and spend 5 times more for not much of anything.

I hope this puts it in perspective because I also get constant questions via this site and if I have to explain to one more person the value presented by this place I may being yelling profanities.