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Swingers club (Montréal) – Entre 2 plaisirs (Review & personal swinging experience)



Just so all readers understand the context of this review, my husband and I met a few years ago after having lived and acquired different types of life experience.  I on one hand was a mono parental mother with 3 children, structured family life and established career, while for him it was an upscale career that brought him in many different area of the country and that took a lot of his time. We met we were both in our early 40.  We were both at that time very open, honest and upfront with each and are now well aware of our sexual pleasures and preferences. We are living an open minded type of lifestyle where we combined daily routine and sexual enhancement and pleasures.  We are both well established professional and are sexually mature, comfortable in our own skins to know we like to share and exchange our sexual appetite and pleasures with others as we feel it allows us to realize some of our fantasies it increase our trust in each other and in our couple as we do not practice and experience this lifestyle on our own.

We embarked on this journey together and we will try to provide our readers some honest and franc review of our participation at specific swingers clubs and event and share with you our personal experience through this lifestyle.

Recently, we have gone to the Entre 2 plaisirs – formerly known and Sauna 3333, swingers club in Montreal and had a good experience.  Although know that each experiences are different, this one for us wasn’t the greatest as we felt the crowd was very disperse in that there was a wide range of age and types of people with different interest for the lifestyle and that’s is correct also as we had no trouble making our own fun in both the fantasy room and the dark room which always bring a interesting twist to our sexual pleasures.  The club is good but the establishment is in need of some minor renovations.  The ground rules are that in common areas such as the inside heated pool, the dry sauna; the billiard (pool) area and the hot tub; no sexual activities can occur other then teasing and touching.  The establishment offers a variety of distinct areas in order to explore sexual pleasures and fantasies such as for example, couples room (only couples are allowed in); glory holes; dark room, fantasies room, where all kinds people including single men of various ages and couple may explore openly their sexual fantasies and pleasures.  The age range vary from time to time depending on the event being displayed and organized. The establishment offers a safe place for swinger couples and singles (men or women) to fully explore their sexuality and always feel good about the experience that they will bring on their own personal journey.  When going to swingers events it is important to enter the experience with an open minded type of view.  Although for us, our last experience was overall a good one, we both feel that there is area for improvement in the couples room where perhaps a distinction should be made evident (perhaps a fluorescent green bracelet), if for example, couples are willing to fully swing since based on our experience it has proven to be difficult to introduce ourselves once in the couples room area as its every couples for themselves.  Being a couple and wanting to fully explore swinging, finding a couple with similar desires, fantasies and passion in our personal experience-practice, has prove to be one of our biggest challenge as we are not a couple desperately looking for new friends.

* Please feel free to share your own experience as well or your personal comments in the language of your choice as we are both fluently bilingual.

Kinky couple 😉 – Gatineau, Ottawa, Montreal and surrounding areas.


Swinging in Las Vegas

We recently returned from Las Vegas where we went to the 2 most popular swinging/sex clubs in the area. Here is what we thought…
First we went to the famous RED ROOSTER. It is about a $25 taxi ride from the strip, the entry fee is $30/couple on weekends, it’s BYOB and they offer a small buffet. It is in a under populated area from what we could tell as it was dark when we arrived. You enter the venue and you immediately feel like you have been thrown into the early 80s. The owners have been very well known in the Vegas community since they opened the club in 1982. The decor has not changed since then but either has the entry “donation” The venue offers an indoor pool and hot tub, dance floor, live entertainment, dj, 2 bars and tons of space, 13000sq ft of it. There are many rooms available for play with security outside each area to make sure that rules are followed and time limits obeyed. The club can get very busy with a minimum of 200 guests on a weekend night. Most of the guests seem to be locals and they are a wide range of ages and body types. This is definitely a place that you should try and worst case senario is that you can at least say you have been there. We found some great friends to play with and had a super sexy time, especially on the doctor’s table

Next we went to THE GREEN DOOR. We were a little apprehensive after reading some of the reviews. Well all I can say is completely ingore the bad reviews. This place is crazy cool! It is pretty close to the north end of the strip in an industrial looking area, believe it or not, it’s in a strip mall type thing. It is 18000 sq ft HUGE! All the walls are black and the whole place is lit by very dim lighting and black lights, it is really dark. It feels almost futuristic. There are many many different areas including: a fully equipt BDSM room along with a sex swing, private rooms, semi private rooms separated by hanging glass beads or sheer white curtains, a voyeur area where there is a room surrounded with plexi glass, a large room with many beds on a couple different step up levels, Dr’s table, and much more. All the beds are covered in a thick vinyl that is disinfected after every use, the whole place looks very clean. You do need to bring your own condoms, lube, lock for lockers, ect. I did notice towels available in some areas. There is no alcohol allowed but there is a bar with non alcoholic beverages, condoms and lube available for purchase. I think that there is a dance area as well, not sure as we were a lot more interested in all the incredible play areas lol. It is very easy to get lost in there but so much fun exploring your way out. We highly recommend trying this venue. I can say that it is very hit and miss with how busy it is. Even when there is a small amount of people inside there is still a lot of fun to be had. I suggest you leave even inhibition you may have at the door, walk in, and live out all those fantasies you have been afraid to with people you know. As they say…What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! I like to think of it as…Nobody knows you and nobody cares, so have some crazy sexy fun!!!

Do and don’t of swinging…

tips for swingers

Swinging means different things to different men, women and couples. Swinging is a recreational activity for many people and there are a few do’s and don’ts to abide to.

  • Be honest and let your partner know what you want and your fantasies.
  • Don’t be someone else for the sake of your partner.
  • Make sure you know what your desires are.
  • Make sure you always use protection.
  • Do try new things that are within your limits
  • Don’t be rushed by your partner, contact or anyone else. Go with your own flow.
  • Don’t ignore people’s mail, even if you don’t want to meet. A simple no thanks will suffice!
  • Make sure you know what to expect.
  • Make sure you’re having fun. If you’re not, it’s not for you.
  • Don’t be rude. Reply even to say thanks, but no thanks.
  • Don’t lie about your size, age, looks or anything else.
  • Don’t try and push anyone else’s limits – it could turn nasty!
  • Don’t cheat on your partner. Although this is aimed at men predominantly, there are women who do this too.
  • If ever in doubt, bail out!