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L’Orage Club in montreal…

Here a good article about l Orage Club in Montreal… (in french)



The First Swingers club in Canada which will soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary, L’Orage Club and its staff have been welcoming couples and single women on Saturdays and single men as well on other nights in a warm and sensual atmosphere.

Montreal’s L’Orage Club is without a doubt unique in Canada. Its bar-lounge with liquor license, its open space playground and second-floor intimate lounge playground make L’Orage Club a unique place for eroticism, sensuality, voyeurism and exhibitionist lovers.

Its European concept has allowed L’Orage Club to be, since 1996, the place to go to meet the True Libertines in Montreal.



Premier club échangiste au Canada qui fêtera bientôt ses 20 ans, l’Orage Club et toute son équipe reçoit Couples et Femmes seules les samedis ainsi que les Couples, Femmes seules et Hommes seuls les autres soirées dans un espace chaleureux et incitatif, offrant une ambiance sensuelle et feutrée.

L’Orage Club de Montréal, est unique au Canada; il est sans conteste le club échangiste par excellence. Son bar lounge, sa discothèque et ses DJ, ses deux étages à aires ouvertes font de L’Orage un endroit unique pour les amoureux d’érotisme, de sexualité basée sur le voyeurisme et l’exhibitionnisme!

Son concept “européen” a permis à l’Orage Club de s’imposer depuis 1996, comme le lieu de rendez-vous incontournable des Vrais Libertins à Montréal.

Swinging tips for single guys

tip for single guys in swinging

Guys you have the hardest struggle of all. There are thousands of you all wanting to get involved in the swinging scene, most it must be said simply because its the easiest way to get sex without getting a mortgage, kids and an overdraft!

Some males are looking for fun in the swinging scene due to broken marriages or relationships, but sadly there also many miss-fits; like the guys who have no social graces and are therefore unable to make friends through work or social gatherings, those who see themselves as gods gift to women, and as a result no woman wants to know them, and sadly the ones who have odour problems.

You will have to make a lot of effort to be picked by a couple or a lady.

Things that may help you.

  • Understanding the concept of Swinging – People who swing are there for their own benefit, to satisfy their own desires and fantasies. The girls are not there to make your dreams come true, if you get lucky that’s great. No one is under any obligation to have sex with you, just because a person is a swinger does not mean they have sex with anyone – there has to be attraction. The girls in the swinging scene are swingers, not cheap or free prostitutes.
  • Honesty – don’t exaggerate your looks, ability, wealth etc. If you are 30 say 30, if 50 say 50. Ladies are more interested in the real you than an age, but if they catch you lying about one thing, they will not trust you on anything else! If you are a married male or a “significant other” playing away from home, say so, pretending to be single but sneaking off to make phone calls, or having to rush off to beat a curfew is not going to fool anyone for very long.
  • Relevancy – If you respond to an ad, make sure you are what the advertiser is looking for. Don’t respond to an ad asking for a 20 something green eyed, blonde male if you are 45, grey hair and brown eyes – you will just frustrate the advertiser by clogging up their mail box.
  • Concise – Make your email response concise, but not a one line “I want to shag you” Make sure that you fit the description of the person the advertiser is looking for, and reiterate the points where you fit the description. Don’t send them a 2000 word essay outlining your every fantasy and experience to date, you can go into these details later. Remember first impressions count, be polite, open, and to the point without being blunt.
  • Grooming – If you get lucky and are invited to meet socially turn up smart. An unshaven, guy in crumpled clothes and smelling of sweat will not get you into their bedroom – unless the girl has specified that she is looking for a bit of rough. On the other hand, don’t wear a bottle of aftershave!. Dress appropriately for the venue, smart casual – clean and pressed clothes – will see you through in most venues. Remember to shower, clean your teeth and brush your hair.
  • Pictures – If you are sending a picture, or putting a picture on your ad follow a few simple rules.
  • Unless requested, always send a face & body shot, don’t use cock shots, girls look at eyes, hands, bums, legs and hair before they look at cocks. It may be your pride and joy, but it is more likely to lose you responses than gain them for you. If they do want to see your 9″ monster they will ask.
  • Use a recent picture, you can fool someone until you meet them. Just because you get them to meet you does not mean you will get any further if the picture was of someone else, or you 10 years ago.
  • Couples – as a single male you are more likely to get action with a couple, than you are with a single girl. Don’t worry, you will find that most of the guys in couples are straight, but they love to watch their wife with another guy/guys. You just clarify before the meet that a) there is a couple by talking on the telephone and b) asking outright if the guy is straight.
  • Parties – There are parties running every weekend. Most are for couples only, some are for couples and guys or greedy girls and guys. It is a sad fact of life that 90% of the time you will be charged more as a single guy than the couples or girls will pay, this is down to supply and demand. Do not go to these parties looking for a one on one session with a girl, it is just not going to happen. If however you follow the rules of etiquette, you are almost guaranteed sex, as the girls who attend these parties like to have lots of men. You will find that most often it is the clubs that cater for single men rather than parties held by swingers in their homes.

Sobriety – Don’t get drunk, or try kissing the girl if you are stinking of beer. Take some breath fresh mints with you. Remember, although the girl is looking for some fun in the sack, she has many other guys to choose from. Whoever you are going to meet remember that although its scary, the other people will be as nervous as you. Don’t get drugged up either. No once fancies people who are not in control of their faculties. A drink to steady the nerves is OK, bouncing off the walls and throwing up is not going to impress anyone.

  • Grace – If you respond to an ad and you get a turn down, don’t harass the advertiser. Be graceful and accept that you may not fit the persons requirements. Sending dozens of mails asking for reasons or being abusive will not get you anywhere, and in many cases will mean that a warning goes around the community to avoid you.
  • Love – Never fall in love with a swinger. Swinging is about having fun with other people. Most of these people are in happy relationships and are looking for sex, not love. Declaring your love for someone is going to complicate the issues, and put strains on everyone’s relationships, you could even destroy the other persons marriage.If you are looking for love check one of the many lonely hearts sites.
  • First Date – Turn Up, On time, remember – You only have one chance to make a first impression – screw up the first meeting and you are history. You will be seen a as timewaster, and couples talk. If you make a good impression they will probably meet you again, they may share you with their friends, and take you to parties. Make a bad impression and the word will go around that you are no good, your chances of swinging will drop to zero. The swinging scene does not work on the adage “Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen”.

Playing with newbies….

good story from the net…

We like playing with newbies.

A lot of people don’t. Mostly because newbies often don’t have their issues worked out yet, especially if it’s their first fleeting experimentation with the lifestyle.  There could be all manner of hideous buried conflict that could tumble on out like the beyond description nameless beasts in an HP Lovecraft novel, all wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth.

So, why do we like playing with newbies?

It’s really the adventure of it, I’d say. There’s this strange extra newness that comes with it, the extra apprehension of what’s going to happen, if anything.  Let’s face it, most swingers are a sure thing if there’s a connection. Newbies make you work for it.

I realize what I’m saying may not sound the most appealing. The main reason I like newbies is because Marilyn and I had a wonderful first experience in the lifestyle. Great people who were patient and answered our questions and took things at our pace.  We hear so often about bad first experiences ruining things, or getting people out of the swinging lifestyle altogether that we want to be there as a helping hand for some people.

To show them that they needn’t be afraid.

That’s the whole reason I started this website, in fact, to be able to help newbies through the rough and scary spots, reassure veterans that it’s ok to evolve with your swinging lifestyle, and extend that hand to those considering climbing on the swingset.

Alice and Brian, Our newbies were very nervous. And when it became apparent that they would be unable to come out our way, they took a deep breath and asked us into the city, even though Alice’s sister was staying with them. “She works late,” they told us, and reinforced “and were not sure we’re ready to do anything…”

I restated our mantra, adopted from our very first couple: “Do we want to fuck you? Yes. Do we want to be friends even if we don’t fuck you? Yes!” They thanked us again for our support and understanding.

We arrived at their place, had a lovely dinner that they cooked for us, had some wine, some great conversation, really hitting it off. We were answering their questions as they came up, really making good progress, getting a good vibe. The night was all about reinforcing that we’re nice and normal, and that the lifestyle can be as well.

And then Becky, Alice’s sister came home early.

There was a lot of surprise, some “what’re you doing home so early”s, then we settled in for more wine with this newfound fivesome.  With the already minimal prospect of play moving to zero, Marilyn and I allowed more and more wine in our glasses, enjoying ourselves thoroughly. Shortly after Becky arrived, I realized I couldn’t openly flirt with Alice in front of her, but Alice had accidentally mentioned in passing that Marilyn and I were swingers, so I knew I could flirt with Becky, and proceeded to direct all my flirtatious energy in her direction.

More glasses of wine than I care to admit later…

We’d moved outside, and Marilyn went in to check on their baby with Alice. They seemed a bit giggly when they came back out, but I didn’t really process that. I went in for another glass and Brian said: “I need to talk to you…”

Oh fuck, I thought…I’m in trouble, shouldn’t have flirted with the sister so much.

“Do you have condoms?”

I didn’t initially process the question. “What?”

“Alice wants to play…”

My brain caught up to our conversation, though play was still a mystery with them, unsure if they were a girl/girl only couple, or a soft swap couple…they had seemed pretty confident they weren’t full swap at least, so condoms seemed patently unnecessary. I quickly checked with Marilyn, who confirmed that our auxiliary condom backup was fully stocked, just in case.

Please keep in mind that we did NOT come prepared to play that night.  Marilyn always keeps a stash of condoms in her purse, ones for her partners, ones for me, but when we come to play we come with accessories!  Toys, lube, liberator throe, these are all necessities. Sure, we might leave the more intimidating toys (nexus maxims, njoy pure wand, etc) out for first timers.

“You need to pretend to leave…” said Brian, this struck me as absurdly funny as I pointed out that neither of us had done the cleanup shave before because this wasn’t supposed to be a date. He confirmed that they hadn’t either, but when your previously uncertain wife says swing, you ask how hard.

So we pretended to leave, saying goodnight, gathering our things. Our pretend exit must have seemed rather abrupt to Becky because she gave us an “Oh, okay….nice to meet you…” and we headed off into the rain, to take the alley around to the back and be let back in, then quickly shuffled into their bedroom.

It was all I could do to not walk like a cartoon criminal trying to sneak in, all exaggerated steps and twirling an enormous handlebar mustache.

And there was light playtime, the kind of hazy surreal wine colored glasses playtime. Bits and pieces of that remain, enjoyable, sexy, exciting.

Hope it was the same for them.

Gotta love newbies.