Saturday , 10 December 2016
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Why do we start swinging?

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It is a fair question: why does a seemingly healthy and happy couple look to the
swing life style? Well, before we look into the reasons a couple would swing, we need to find out just what swinging is. Swinging is basically recreational sex with other couples. Two or more couples meet at a club or party, and proceed to trade partners for the purposes of a sexual encounter. Clubs, you ask? Yes, there are some clubs that are geared toward swingers. There is either a membership only structure, or there is a cover charge based on a myriad of factors. For instance, a couple might be charged twenty dollars to forty dollars, while a single male, might be charged as much as $100 to $500 dollars. A single woman, however, may get charged as little as $10, or even get in free. For the most part, however, swinging clubs do not have liquor licenses, so you can not purchase drinks there. Some allow the patrons to bring their own alcohol, but some do not even allow that. For these reasons, most swinging takes place at parties thrown at some one’s house. Now that you know what swinging is, let’s talk about why couples do it.


Tell us why did you start?

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